In chemistry, RNA is the complementary molecule of DNA. The same molecule that allows the organism to inherit the genetic content of DNA.
RNA studio, Riccardo Nemeth Architecture, aims to translate knowledge, design, and architectural experience to its customers, providing a service of high-quality standard and with an outlined style; RNA philosophy is based on knowledge of the past, analysis of the present, and vision of the future.
The firm offers high competence in the design of all scales, using specialized and competent internal and external collaborators, able to give the best depending on the type of project.
The most developed design themes are the residences, commercial spaces, restaurant, and public spaces.
The approach to architecture is artisanal, based on attention, method, and comparison with everything that concerns the project, such as the surrounding landscape, the materials, and atmospheres that characterize it; the context, its history, Those who live there are design elements to enhance, respect and narrate.
The studio has as its motto “Everything is project” taking up the challenge of engaging not only in architectural design but also in the world of design and graphics.
RNA pays great attention to the theme of environmental sustainability, every project in fact was born with choices to reduce the maximum use of polluting materials, preferring raw materials of natural origin and renewable, able to evolve over time together with the history of the project.

Riccardo Nemeth, architect (Milan, 1984) graduated in Sustainable Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 2012, between 2006 and 2014 collaborates with various architectural firms, including Ermanno Previdi (P&R Studio) and Maiocchi Patergnani Architetti Associati developing experiences and skills in style and technique. From 2012 to 2014 he carried out parallel to his professional activity research at the Politecnico di Milano collaborating with Lorenzo degli Esposti (Degli Esposti Architetti), Camillo Magni (Opera Studio), and Stefano Tropea (B22).
In 2013 he collaborated with the Design Brand Azucena, where he had the opportunity to talk with one of its founders, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, a precious and fundamental meeting in his training.
In 2015 he founded the RNA studio, defining his own idea of architecture, based on the cultural and social value that the architect’s profession had and must have. Always withered architecture design and art have as its goal to merge these passions within his projects.