Tailor-made organs MIND

The PRINTMED-3D project was born with the aim of responding to the growing demand for personalized medical services in the clinical field, diagnostic and pre-clinical, in a context in which the contraction of available economic resources and the ageing of the population require more efficient and targeted approaches to ensure the economic sustainability of the system and the quality of the assistance.
Thanks to the development of new materials and the use of the latest printing technologies it will be possible to create models anatomical with mechanical and functional characteristics similar to those of natural counterparts.
The small pavilion called "cathedral" was designed to be placed in MIND (Milan Innovation District) and wants to welcome the results of scientific research PRINTMED-D presented in Brera last March 2023. The space designed wants to recreate a sense of sacredness in science, with a white container characterized by large openings where as many large stained glass windows make filter the light inside, the reference to the typology of the cathedral is strong, the subject of the stained glass windows are microscopic images of customized organs, wanting to emphasize the aesthetics of the artifacts 3D printed. Inside the buildings are placed in display cases similar to columns, architectural fundamentals such as windows, inside which the organs are exposed protected and illuminated.
It is necessary to have faith in Science and Culture.


Private commission
Date: 2022
Localization: Rho - Milano
Size: 70 sqm
Program: pavillion-exhibition
Status: ongoing
Architects: Riccardo Nemeth, Aldo Maiocchi
Video rendering: Andrea Salotti
Photo: Marco Ferrari

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  • Date : 2023
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