Orsole 4

Orsole 4 is a project created after participating in an architectural competition for the redevelopment of the building in via delle Orsole 4 in Milan, organized by Milan's Chamber of Commerce in 2018.
It is located in an area of ​​Milan where it was heavily bombed in July 1943 and the aerial bombs caused the collapse of the building in front of the one competing. The next measures taken for requalification did not give visible memory of the demolished building. This project aims to pursue the objectives of the competition while telling the story of this place.
In the concept of the project, one imagines a building ghost that has floated in that room of the city since 1943.
In fact, the idea is to finally give peace to the ghost, placing it in the form of a building volume above the one that has to be redeveloped, which is kept intact (work of architect Cassi Ramelli), generating a very strong meeting of architectures and styles, typical of the historical and architectural stratification that characterized the post-war period reconstruction in Milan.
The presented building envisions a typological mix of offices, residential units, and shops, with an asymmetrical tower development characterized by non-definable and dematerialized forms typical of a ghost.

Client: Camera Commercio Milano
Date: 2018
Localization: Milano
Size: 2900 sqm
Program: residential, office, commercial
Architects: Riccardo Nemeth, Aldo Maiocchi,
Renato Sarno (RSG)

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  • Date : 2018
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